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We announced last month that the “Investor Day” announced by CEO Bob Chapek was scheduled to take place on October 7, according to an announcement on Livestorm. Well now that page is gone.



It’s also not on the investor relations page.

So where did he go?

They ask about it on Twitter:

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, this was an “error”.

UPDATE: According to a report from The Direct, a representative for LiveStorm has indicated that the date, seen below, was given in error and has been removed from their website. In addition, they indicated that no Investor Day is planned to their knowledge.

They say it was given in error, but now with all the layoffs, underperformance, and uncomfortable questions they are likely to have, it’s suddenly gone. How could it be “in error?” Chapek has announced that he will arrive this year. Unless a date is announced for the next couple of months, my takeaway is that they are trying to scramble to find the positive turn for investors and buy time.

It is very interesting that this “mistake” was discovered long after it had been all over the internet, and right after all the bad press, stock runs and layoffs took place. We’ll keep you posted when (and if) they announce the new date. Hopefully this was just a mistake, and someone else can come up with a better clarification and a new time. Maybe I’m missing something and I could be, I’m not perfect. But the timing of this “mistake” makes it suspect.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Sources: Murphy’s multiverse, Twitter

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