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On me:

I graduated at 19 and have over 3 years of experience (at registration I would have over 4 years of experience at age 24). I started my career as an intern at a small real estate firm and in three years I had 3 promotions and am currently working at a Fortune 500 bank leading a small team.

Would I be considered too young for the class?


Undergraduate School: Top 15% in my country

Undergraduate major: Accounting

GPA: 3.57

GMAT: 720

Age: 23,
Ethnicity: Black or African American

Other degree/certification: CFA level 3 candidate


I am a co-founder of a telemedicine company that makes health care more affordable and accessible in Nigeria, I also sit on the board of directors that bridges the Nigeria Chamber of Commerce with Nigerian universities; I create and manage competitions and presentations made by students to the best companies and multinationals in the country. Recently, I mentored high school girls and less fortunate students in Nigeria who are going through difficulties in their education.

Work history:

Title: investment banking analyst

Industry: Bank and finance

Company: Boutique business

Duration of employment: 1 year, 5 months

Title: Financial Markets Analyst

Industry: Bank and finance

Company: fortune 500

Duration of employment: 1 year

Big Life wins:

– Exceed employer expectations as my promotions have always been accelerated
– Co-founded my company which was able to raise significant pre-seed funding and onboard over 100 patients

– Led my team to produce a non-toxic pesticide to fight malaria in poor neighborhoods
– Founding member of my university’s investment club

Post-MBA objective:

Short term
– Change location (to the country where I will study for my MBA) and maintain a solid career trajectory as an investment banker

Long term
– Mergers and acquisitions with a focus on emerging market economies

I would also like to know my chances in the experienced Msc Fin program of LBS