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About me:

My academic and professional path is that of a river with a persistent flow. Such a flow of a river can pass through the hardest rocks. So is my hope that my perseverance will overcome obstacles and help me get into one of those great 3B schools.

I was admitted to BITS Pilani Dual Degree. I was too involved in other subjects (robo club, climate club, G20 model, poetry, music etc.) and gave really horrible performances (CGPA 7/10). However, I did an internship at GS.

I worked in a local NGO for 1.5 years and in my failed business for 1 year. I then joined GS as a Front Office IB analyst.

I enrolled in another Bachelor of Commerce and got a GPA of 3.9 and passed CFA levels 1 and 2.


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Application Status: Open

Big Life wins:

1. I re-enroll for a part-time bachelor’s degree at age 25 and complete it at age 28 with a 3.9 GPA.
2. Getting into the coveted Goldman Sachs IB Front Office Analyst program after my 1.5 year stint at a local NGO and 1 year failing.
3 Earn my Trinity Music Certificate.
4. Reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Post-MBA objective:

1. To further my work in investment banking. Better geography (WHEM), better offers.
2. Help scale companies that are intensely promoting sustainability, either through my role in the IB sector or by entering Private Equity.
3. Build a cutting-edge non-profit company that puts sustainability at the top of its priorities, transforming the lives of those affected by climate change, because I have been affected by it too.


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