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I just watched a video on YouTube, which was recently posted by Ken Sim.

The entrepreneur and former investment banker is one of three people to seek the NPA’s nomination for mayor of Vancouver at the civic party meeting on June 3.

Sim’s video is a shameless speech about the city of Vancouver as a $ 1.4 billion company with thousands of employees and around 650,000 customers, i.e. residents.

“If you treat it like a business, I think a lot of magical things are going to happen,” Sims says.

If you don’t feel like watching the video below, here are some of his quotes.

“It seems the city has been run in such a way that people don’t feel like they have a say and don’t understand what’s going on with our city’s finances – and I think that now is the perfect time to change this dialogue. “

“We analyze all of our financials all the time and that’s great. Because there are two things that happen. First, you see places where you really shouldn’t be throwing money away, but second, there are There are also places where there are opportunities where you can actually invest your money wisely in business. It could be something that makes you more profitable. In a city, it could strengthen our communities or make our businesses more prosperous. We are improving the social fabric of our city. “

“I can’t wait to get into the city of Vancouver books so we can start looking at what we should be doing better.”

“I’m going to be a very pro-business mayor and we’ll be a place that will attract new businesses, big and small, to come to the city and give us a lot more opportunities for all of our residents and really create some great jobs. paid and cutting edge jobs. “

“What I do best is put together teams. And we’re going to bring together great teams from all walks of life in our city to solve our really tough problems. And we’re going to do it together.”

Ken Sim video for the mayor | Building a better Vancouver

Watch Ken Sim explain why he wants to be mayor of Vancouver.


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