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Grammy nominated producer, Tay keith has been busy producing undeniable records for top industry elites. Tay is now set to gift the world with his very first project, F *** The Cash Up, in collaboration with his emerging Memphis-based rap group, Fast Cash Boyz. Tay Keith has been in the studio and produced hit songs with the Fast Cash Boyz. The first single “Bad habits” is now available and co-produced by Murda beatz. We met the Memphis band, Fast Cash Boyz talks about their “bad habits,” what we can expect from this upcoming project and more.

RESPECT. : How or what do you guys do in your forties?

Try to stay in quarantine and take things seriously. We have been working on this new project.

RESPECT. : What can we expect from the single “Bad Habits? ”

It’s about the project and visual to come. The junta is mad. We are going to take it out on the streets and demonstrating “bad habits” by hearing different verses and backgrounds.

RESPECT. : Is there an ongoing project? If so, can we get a name from it or what can we expect from it?

The name of the project is called FTCU, F *** The Cash Up, and we are working with Tay Keith. It will have an authentic Memphis sound which is real memphis sh ** which is raw and real. He will talk about what we have been through and what is happening.

RESPECT. : What are your “bad habits?” “

Smoke gas, have sex, play and follow the rules.

Photo credit: Ben Sherrill

RESPECT. : What can you say that has influenced you in your music career over the past decade?

It will be a new Memphis wave. The artists had their shine by bringing the sound of Memphis to the general public. It is easier for the new generation to get it with sound.

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