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April Fools Cash Winner Jeff Hendges.

We have a winner!

Last week was our annual April Fool’s Day, which fell just April 1st. We still run several April Fools’ stories, a fake commercial, and like to add a few little “Easter Eggs” for readers to enjoy. Then, to top it off, we’re running a contest to see if readers can guess which April Fools’ stories and commercials are. If you guess correctly, you enter the competition to win money.

Kudos to Jeff Hendges of Solon Township who was one of the people who correctly guessed all the April Fools’ stories and what publicity it was. There were four stories: Opening of a new cannabis store; turtle time; Splash pad announced; and Golf and get healthy at the same time. The bogus advertisement was for Sky High Cannabis.

One story that bowled some people was the story of the blue frog. It was a true story, the one we aired several years ago, so it was a reprint (just to make it harder). If that was one of your guesses, we didn’t count it against you.

One of our readers let us know how much she enjoyed the issue. Kay Ransom of Solon Township wrote, “Oh my gosh you made me laugh so much reading this week’s Post. I even read them back to my husband and laughed just as loudly the second time around. Thanks for the hilarious articles! Thank you also for your paper. I love to read it every week and I know you work hard and do a great job covering events in our city.

Thanks to Kay, Jeff and everyone who entered our contest!

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