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David Dobkin, an investment banker who campaigned unsuccessfully for the mayor’s office in Park City this year, says he will apply to fill a vacant position on the Park city council that will be created when Nann Worel takes over the office of the mayor.
Courtesy of David Dobkin

Unelected mayoral candidate David Dobkin said on Monday he would submit a nomination to fill a vacant position on the park’s city council that will be created when mayor-elect Nann Worel takes over the mayor’s office.

Dobkin, an investment banker who lives in Deer Valley, was dropped by voters as third place in the mayoral primary election in August. Worel and outgoing mayor Andy Beerman cleared the primary elections, edging Dobkin by wide margins. But Dobkin, even as a newcomer to Park City politics, drew some support from unhappy people in the City Hall leadership.

Dobkin said he had the “same motivation” for being a member of city council as he had to be mayor. He said serving on city council would be an opportunity to show his dedication to the community and his abilities.

Dobkin moved to Park City in the spring of 2020 and was a part-time resident for years before arriving in the city full-time. He entered Park City politics with a campaign for mayor, a particularly ambitious task for someone with no public service background in the community and someone who lacks name recognition. Worel and Beerman are two of Park City’s best-known politicians, and it seemed likely at the start of the campaign that Dobkin would struggle to outdo them for a spot on the ballot on Election Day.

Dobkin lobbied a sweeping budget concept that called for the elimination of property taxes levied by town hall on residences occupied full time. He argued that the tax category represents a small percentage of the city hall’s overall budget and that other savings could be found to make up for lost revenue.

If named, Dobkin would influence discussions about the city budget and could use the platform of a city council seat to try to garner support from fellow elected officials for a property tax shake up like the one he is doing. he described during the town hall. offer.

Dobkin after the defeat in the primary election said he might consider another campaign someday for the mayor’s office or a seat on city council.

Dobkin runs an investment bank called LifeSci Capital, focused on the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. He also runs a specialized acquisition company that works in the same industries. He previously worked for the New Zealand government assisting that country’s investments in the United States.

Dobkin, at the start of the mayoral campaign, described his platform as being business-friendly and he considered issues such as transportation and the sustainability of the tourism industry to be important. He also called affordable housing important and said that new thinking on transport systems should be undertaken.

The city government will publish a notice of candidacy for the vacant position once Worel resigns from city council or is sworn in as mayor. The four other members of the municipal council will make the selection. The mayor would vote in the event of a tie.

The partial term ends in early 2024 and the successful candidate will have to run for a full four-year term on city council during the 2023 campaign to stay in office.