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HSBC was looking for a permanent replacement for Peter Enns, its former co-head of advice and investment banking and advice, and may be close to finding one.

The bank is supposed to be talk to Matthew Ginsburg about a leadership role at the World Bank. Discussions are underway for Ginsburg to become co-global head of the Hong Kong-based investment banking advisory and hedging business of HSBC, according to two sources. HSBC declined to comment.

There’s no guarantee Ginsburg will take on the role, but he has some excellent credentials.

He has been based in Hong Kong since 1992 and has led The meteoric expansion of Barclays in the expansion of investment banking into the Asia-Pacific region when he joined Morgan Stanley in 2009.

He left Barclays in 2014, when the lender downsized in the region, and then joined Fitch Ratings as president of Asia Pacific.

Enns left HSBC in December 2020 to take up a position as CFO of US insurance company Chubb Financial. The bank then appointed Jason Rynbeck, vice president of global banking services and vice president of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities of the bank in Asia, to take on the role of interim Enns.

HSBC has been one of Hong Kong’s biggest recruiters as part of its “hub to Asia” strategy. HSBC CFO Ewen Stevenson previously admitted the bank may have to pay for talent as it seeks to expand into Asia in both wealth management and investing.

Greg Guyett, who heads HSBC’s global banking services, is also relocating from London as part of the strategy, along with his fellow senior executives Nuno Matos and Barry O’Byrne.

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