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A “big power” investment banker threw chocolate bars at sleeping passengers and attempted to butt British Airways flight attendants in a “bizarre” drunken rampage, said a tribunal.

William Clegg, who was traveling in business class, also told cabin crew he wanted to “go out and see his friend” while the plane was still 38,000 feet in the air, jurors said.

Mr Clegg, of Notting Hill, west London, is accused of assaulting five officers on the flight from San Jose, California to London Heathrow on August 25, 2019.

The 33-year-old, who travels regularly for his work, is said to have taken two Ambien sleeping pills and one Imovane sleeping pill as well as three glasses of wine and two travel-size bottles of Baileys.

Dragged a member of staff on the ground

Cabin crew were forced to restrain him after he attempted to pull his t-shirt over a flight attendant’s head before dragging another member of the ground crew.

Clegg, who wore a navy suit and blue shirt at Isleworth Crown Court, denies five counts of assault by beating.

Paul Edwards, prosecutor, said Clegg suffered from epilepsy and insomnia and had a “big job of traveling to different countries and staying only a short time.”

Mr Edwards said: “On the flight, Mr Clegg took two zolpidem tablets and one zopiclone tablet. He also drank three glasses of wine and two bottles of Baileys.

“It caused him, the Crown will say, to act weird.

“He was walking down the hall in business class.

Clegg used a vape

“He went into the galley, into the galley, and started throwing chocolate bars at the passengers who were asleep at the time. He said he wanted to go out to see his friend. A flight attendant told him. said we were at 38,000 feet in the air. “

When confronted by air hostess Amy Stewart, Clegg responded by lifting his t-shirt and trying to put it on his head.

“He also used a vape during the flight,” Mr. Edwards said.

The cabin crew decided to take Clegg to the back of the plane to try and restrain him. But Clegg grabbed attendant Jamie Marsh’s arm and threw him to the ground.

Clegg was then taken to the back of the plane.

“It was after being in the back of the plane that he tried to butt Amy Stewart three times,” the prosecutor said.

As he was immobilized in the back of the plane, Clegg reportedly shouted, “This is a joke, you don’t know who I am, who do you think you are doing this to to me?”

Attendants Cieran Robert Smith and Franz Hartmann were also assaulted while restraining Clegg, Edwards said.

He said Clegg hit Mr. Robert Smith in the temple and kicked Mr. Hartmann.

Carlie Titchner, a fifth attendant involved in the immobilization of Clegg, did not recall being assaulted by him, but later discovered that she had bruises on her arm.

Mr Edwards said: “The main issue for the Crown is whether the accused was reckless when taking the pills?”

The trial continues.