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For some men, the prospect of placing a protein or raw vegetable in a pan over an open flame for a while has been so daunting that it literally makes them scratch their heads and sweat. For them, cereal and frozen dinners are enough and exactly what they deserve – they know their local food delivery guys by name and they use their stove to store their shoes.

If you also identify as a “bad cook,” this story might sound oddly familiar.

The Twitter bio of Too-cool-to-be-in-the-kitchen, Mr. Varunram Ganesh is indeed impressive. Previously, he did research at MIT, then managed an HF’s money and went to Duke in between. Currently in the process of building an investment bank, he is so well educated that he strongly believes women should hold the kitchen sacrosanct. Thus, he was devastated when the woman he met during his ‘rishta’ could not serve him the dosa as he had planned.

Varunram Ganesh Viral Tweet

His broken heart tweeted “You are 28 years old and you are Indian. Your parents set you up with this girl, and you’re going with your family to visit her. You’re a little hungry and the girl’s family says “she cooks very well” so you think “I’m going to eat a dosa, why not”. She walks in and reports this. What are you doing?”

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Twitterati stepped forward to offer him their food for thought, a piece of their mind. “Get the hint,” one user said, pointing out that the woman is definitely not interested in marriage or him. So she must have had fun playing pranks on him to save herself the ordeal of spending the rest of her life with someone who’s too perfect to be in the kitchen.

He was one of those people for whom cooking takes about six hours, eating takes about three seconds and washing dishes takes forever. “How come you have a picture of her doing it and not the final product on the plate? Did you come into the kitchen while she was doing it? Another suspicious user wrote. Someone else tried to show him sympathy. He said, “Go away, you almost got the answer. Do you want a cook? Get one if you are looking for one. Marriage may come later. Not a major concern. If you like it, that’s important. Dosa is the last thing that should bother you. Cook for her!! Twitter certainly not for marriage advice. Basically, he politely told her that turning on the gas oven is more important than “turning on” the woman and getting her to agree to marry him.

To conclude, she was not interested in marrying him and was probably influenced by her sixth sense not to even bother to meet him. “You can find much better cooks if you seek them out. Don’t mix this with marriage,” another comment read.