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Pictured Jordan Lupu NY Investment banker for BMO Capital Markets allegedly caught shoplifting at Wholefoods. Image via instagram
Photo Jordan Lupu NY Investment banker for BMO Capital Markets who was allegedly caught shoplifting at Wholefoods. Image via instagram

How Jordan Lupu, a New York City investment banker, was allegedly caught stealing $ 210 worth of Whole Foods groceries from his child’s stroller.

He also made the front page of the tabloids at 42 Jordan Lupu, New York investment banker, who was arrested earlier this year while attempting to steal $ 210 worth of groceries from Whole foods, which he had pushed in a children’s stroller.

The attempted break-in happened while our collective hero lived in a $ 3 million house in New York City and owned a $ 1.4 second home in Westchester.

When not slogging down the grocery store, Lupu works as the Co-Head of Top-Notch Global Brokerage at BMO Capital Markets.

At the time, the master of the banking world (too big to go bankrupt but too happy to keep all the profits for himself …) a Tribeca Whole food store.

Note, the shoplifting The episode occurred less than two blocks from the expensive digs Lupu shares with his Ivy League wife and two children.

A report via the nypost cited court records revealing that our collective hero had try to ” Remove three Whole Body products and 28 grocery items from the shelves and hide the items underneath [his] baby stroller.’

Probably better than trying to sell a worthless derivatives portfolio on Main Street while selling naked shorts against the time bomb. Unless of course….?

Continuation of the report, “Security then arrested him and recovered the objects, goods that belonged to the store and for which the defendant did not have a receipt, under his stroller.”

Lupu got lucky when the cops arrived, simply giving him a appearance ticket. He was arraigned in April on one count of petty theft and possession of stolen property.

It makes you wonder if Lupu was not the golden boy of the corner and instead the ‘degenerate’ whose policies like to warn us? Do you think he would survive to tell his coworkers the next morning what a baloney and cheddar cheese sandwich tastes like in the box?

Jordan lupu
Photo Jordan Lupu NY Investment banker for BMO Capital Markets who was allegedly caught shoplifting at Wholefoods.

Come Monday, Lupu agreed to a deal in Manhattan Criminal Court in which the banker did not have to confess guilt to the alleged thefts.

As long as our collective hero is out of trouble until next January, the charges will be dropped and the case will be sealed, the post reported.

Responding to the fiasco, Lupu’s attorney has since said the whole episode was the result of a misunderstanding.

‘Jordan was pushing a double stroller with his young children and wanted to check the price of an item behind the checkout, and the only way to reach the item without leaving his children unaccompanied was to walk around the checkout down the road. crawl to the item he was looking at but was near the exit, ”the lawyer said.

“He checked the price and turned the stroller back to the cashier. He never left the store or intended to leave the store without purchasing the items.

Again, who can’t resist shoplifting at one of America’s favorite overpriced grocery stores?

Personally Jordan when I’m in the mood for shoplifting I casually munch on the desert section and once taken I keep smiling and explain I’m a starving writer, a / celebrity, b / star of reality TV, c / incorrigible or d / master of the self-proclaimed universe …

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