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Chinese wealth manager Hywin has hired a former Citi investment banker to join him as chief financial officer.

Hywin’s Board of Directors approved the appointment of Laurent Lok as chief financial officer, according to a statement, which came into effect on August 12.

Lok succeeds ex-CFO Zhou Huichuan, who will assume the role of Vice President of Strategic Projects.

Lok has 15 years of investment banking experience in the United States and Hong Kong on IPOs, private fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and other transactions for technology companies. , media and telecommunications, and leading financial services groups in China and other parts of Asia. Most recently, he was a senior investment banker at Citigroup.


According to Hywin, the hiring of Lok is part of his intention to “further strengthen his commitment to international standards of corporate governance and shareholder value” after his listing on the Nasdaq in March.

“Lok will use its strong capital markets expertise to strengthen our business strategy focused on shareholder value and broaden our conversations with the international investment community,” said the Managing Director of Hywin Holdings. Ms. Wang Dian.

“Lok’s M&A experiences will also be helpful in furthering Hywin’s growth through both organic and inorganic pathways. “