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Ellie Aitken, a lawyer turned fashion designer, joins an investment firm Pallas, a rival to her husband’s company, Aitken Investment Management.

October 16:
Ms Aitken posts a gushing birthday message to her friend Hollie Nasser, saying she’s ‘so lucky to have you in my life’.

November 12:

It is publicly revealed that the Aitken and Nasser marriages have both ended.

November 13:

Mr. Nasser, who is Mr. Aitken’s business partner at Aitken Investment Management, is resigning as a director of the board and being replaced by his brother Damien.

Ms Aitken is also stepping down as an executive of the company over the same weekend.

A few days later, police issued an apprehended domestic violence order against Mr Nasser on behalf of his estranged wife.

November 27:

Mr. Aitken confirms that he is in a relationship with Ms. Nasser.

“I can confirm that I am separated from Ellie Aitken and in a relationship with Hollie Nasser,” Aitken said.

“My only focus is my children and I will make no further comment.”

December 3:

Mr. Nasser speaks about the AVO and announces that he plans to fight the allegations when the case goes to court on December 15.

Mr Aitken is pictured running errands with Ms Nasser and taking items home to Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Later that evening, Ms Aitken posted pictures of herself alongside Mr Aitken at their son’s rugby awards night.

December 4:

Ms Nasser’s car is revealed to have been vandalized, with someone scratching the word ‘bitch’ on one of the doors

December 5:

Mrs. Aitken divulges the heated messages between her and Mrs. Nasser as their friendship deteriorates.

Mr. Aitken is next seen at the family home, embroiled in a confrontation with Ellie as he picks up her clothes.

The Nassers are also spotted with their children.

December 7:

Ellie Aitken reveals she will be ‘taking a break from social media’ as she deals with the fallout from her marriage breakdown.

“The truth is that despite the support of my friends and family, I did not deal well with the deeply hurtful lies, gossip and innuendo that surrounded the breakdown of my relationship,” she said.

“I had tried to put on a good face and tried to manage my feelings and my well-being despite the fact that I had no control over the reasons for my grief.”

It is also revealed that Mr. Nasser withdrew up to $7.5 million from Mr. Aitken’s company.

Mr. Aitken and his wife Ellie were longtime friends of the Nassers, and Mr. Nasser was a director of the Aitkens’ wealth management company.