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An investment banker punched a bartender in the face after making an obscene gesture towards a woman during a drunken night out at a gourmet pub in Chelsea, a court has heard.

Nicholas Dyte, 53, went on a rampage at a party at Admiral Codrington when he was refused more drinks and told him to leave, leaning over the bar to punch the manager of the bar.

Ten minutes earlier he had made an obscene gesture towards a woman across the pub before approaching her and forcing her to bend over, the Westminster court heard.

Dyte apologized for his drunken behavior and admitted he was embarrassed as he was ordered to do 120 hours of community service and pay compensation to victims. The court heard the banker feared his convictions would derail his latest business venture, and he accepted that his “smart mouth” sometimes left people less than amused.

“It’s a horrific incident that has taken place,” Magistrate David Best told Dyte. “The bar manager was doing his job and you were also extremely offensive to a pub customer. “

Prosecutor Jonathan Bryan said the woman was having a drink with colleagues on December 18 last year when she met Dyte’s eyes at the bar, and he made the obscene gesture to her in return. “I was disgusted and decided to challenge him,” she told the court.

Mr Bryan said the 6-foot-5 Dyte “then“ put his arm on her, turned her around and bent down to look at her butt. ”When the drunk banker, who lives in a million-dollar apartment sterling in a private estate overlooking Wentworth Golf Course in Surrey, was asked to settle his bill and left by the bar manager, he became violent.

“Before leaving, Dyte leaned over the bar and threw a single punch that hit the bartender’s forehead, causing bruising,” the prosecutor said.

Probation officer Christine Bradford told the court: “He is currently in the process of setting up a new business venture, an investment fund in which he intends to be the investment manager, but believes these convictions will cause him problems with financial regulators. ” Dyte himself added: “I apologize for the upheaval I have caused, especially to the young woman. I have been embarrassed all evening and ashamed of my behavior.

He denied hitting the bar manager or making the obscene gesture, but was found guilty by the court on two counts of assault and threatening behavior.

Dyte received a 12 month community order and was ordered to pay £ 100 compensation to the woman, £ 500 compensation to the bar manager and £ 1,085 in court costs and fees.

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