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It’s a new day for Criteo SA (NASDAQ: CRTO), the global technology company that provides the world’s leading business media platform. Today, the company unveiled a new branding to align with its significant transformation executed over the past year, including a new logo, visual identity and brand positioning, “The Future is Wide Open “. The rebranding marks Criteo’s commitment to supporting a fair and open Internet that enables discovery, innovation and choice. It is also a testament to the vast opportunity that Criteo can capitalize on as it prepares for the future of cookie-free advertising.

“Now is the time for a new brand identity and a new rallying cry, as we use our massive strength in data and technology to restore Criteo’s leadership within the advertising industry and set a tone. optimistic about the future of the open Internet, for everyone, ”said Megan Clarken, CEO of Criteo.

The new logo brings together the two previously connected dots at the top right of the logo in the center of the new logo to better represent consumers and its customers, who are the centerpiece of the company’s product strategy to deliver the first platform of multimedia commerce to the world. The colon now includes an open space, beckoning both discovery and openness as the company invites its audience and balances a strong heritage, visualized with a bolder font, with modern capabilities. The visual changes were developed by the Criteo marketing team, in
partnership with the creation and innovation agency Technology, Humans and Taste [THAT], who consulted on the positioning of the brand.

“When we say, ‘The future is wide open,’ we are talking about the tremendous potential that Criteo’s unique data set offers to improve every customer experience on the open Internet,” said Todd Parsons, Chief Product Officer at Criteo. “Cookies may go away, but we see this as an opportunity to evolve our product strategy to deliver more benefits than ever to consumers and our customers. “

To announce the new brand and share more details on its business transformation, Criteo is hosting a virtual Investor Day today, which includes:

  • Comments and presentations from the Criteo management team – The C-Suite meets to present the strategy, market opportunities, capabilities and positioning. More specifically, the day discusses the future of advertising and the company’s product roadmap to realize its vision of delivering richer experiences to every consumer.
  • Business Media Platform Strategy – Criteo re-introduces its suite of products that give marketers the ability to activate and measure ad campaigns and media owners the ability to sell their ad and promotion inventory, while leveraging a set of data that powers technology and sets Criteo apart in the industry.
  • Partner Panel – A four-person panel, moderated by Criteo’s Executive Managing Director for the EMEA region, who will discuss the business media opportunity and consist of key marketers and media owners across Criteo’s suite of solutions .
  • Bryan Gildenberg, senior vice president, commerce at Omnicom Retail Group, called Criteo’s renewed focus on commerce “a strategic step in the right direction,” adding, “Criteo has a unique opportunity to bridge the gap as awareness and conversion merge. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Criteo and look forward to working more closely with them.

Criteo’s Virtual Investor Day takes place today, June 3 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time via webcast. Investor Day will be pre-recorded with a live Q&A opportunity. The event will be broadcast publicly and the replay will subsequently be available on Criteo’s investor relations site. For more information, please visit:

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