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CORAL SPRINGS, Florida., July 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, a newly created treatment center that focuses on mental health and addictions disorders, has announced that it will be accepting patients at the start of August 2021.

The establishment represents a kind of meeting for jaime blausteinwho will act as CEO, and Ben Brafman, who will act as Managing Director and oversee all clinical operations.

An unlikely duo a decade ago, Brafman previously owned and operated an inpatient rehab that Blaustein attended when he was 21. He eventually had to fire Blaustein, who struggled with addiction and eventually went through seven treatment centers, due to multiple relapses.

Blaustein finally got clean and sober at 24. He then sponsored dozens of recovering men while re-establishing his career. After attending duke university for his MBA, he became an investment banker in the Global Industrials group of Credit Suisse, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets financing.

Brafman, meanwhile, flourished as a behavioral health expert and earned a reputation as a thought leader over the past decade. He continued to be the owner and CEO of Destination Hope, which he founded in 2007, while owning and operating the Academy of Addiction Professionals.

“It’s a rare combination where you take two people with completely different skills and experiences and combine them in a way that produces unparalleled synergies,” Blaustein said. “Our collective experience allows us to bring to the table all the ingredients needed to help countless patients and families.”

Named in honor of Brafman’s late mother, Sylvia, the treatment center will be located at Tamarac, Floridaand offers a variety of programs, including the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Outpatient Program (OP), Family Program, Professional Program, and Career Services Program.

Focused primarily on mental health treatment, the center will treat chronic anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and a number of other diagnoses. The treatment center will also have core competence in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction, upon which much of the founders’ experience is based.

“We’re going to do something a little bit unique in terms of thinking about mental health and addiction,” Brafman said. “Clinically speaking, addiction is a mental health disorder, and we need to stop separating the two.”

“The universe really does have a sense of humor,” Blaustein said. “I don’t think anyone would have predicted this 10 years ago, but we’re ready to spring into action and help a ton of patients and families.”

For more information and inquiries, please visit or contact Marnie Nathanson at [email protected].

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