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Moving up the corporate ladder is a career-long challenge, but rewarding when you know what your end goal is. Among the top positions in the corporate world is the CEO, the chief executive and decision-maker of a company, and a sought-after position that comes with a lot of responsibility and recognition. Even if you are starting your own business or startup, the skills and experience required to operate successfully in the role of CEO are hard-earned and take time to master.

Right now, you can take The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle online course for a low price of $ 39.99, and learn all about how to step into the much-vaunted role of CEO. The package includes seven courses – the price is only $ 5.72 per course, which is big savings when you consider that they are priced at $ 200 each.

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The seven courses included in the package offer 17 hours of content spread over 261 lessons. Start with the Strategy MBA course, which covers the essentials of business strategy, as well as business models and frameworks, similar to what is taught to MBA students in universities. Leverage this knowledge with courses in fundraising, the state of the venture capital market, and raising capital for entrepreneurs, all of which are extremely important considerations for potential CEOs.

Classes are taught by highly rated instructor John Colley, MBA, MA who has a 4.5 / 5 star rating. He came to teaching after a 25 year career in investment banking and has extensive experience in companies ranging from startup size to global billion dollar corporations.

The full set of venture capital for CEOs Startups is now on sale for $ 39.99, while the full set is valued at $ 1,400. Get that edge in the workplace or get ready to take on a leadership role in your own business.

Prices subject to change.

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