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AGS and NexGen Technology announced a new contract with the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in California.

As part of the contract, NexGen will be implementing 40 Fast Cash mobile chip devices on the site, providing players with a quick and easy way to purchase tokens at table games.

It also allows AGS to distribute the solution to its own customers, as part of the AGS suite of tabletop games and products.

The cashless solution is completely wireless and means players can safely sit and use their debit cards to purchase tokens.

With the Fast Cash wireless mobile device, players won’t have to go to an ATM or handle cash.

Plus, they don’t need to register or register to use the devices, they can simply insert their card into the device and purchase tokens immediately.

NexGen Technology President and COO, David Balmer, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with AGS to place Fast Cash, the right solution at the right time.

“It’s convenient for players, allowing uninterrupted play while reducing the risk of contact with bacteria and viruses. And it’s easy for casino operators to implement, without any connectivity to a system. game time is required. “

John Hemberger, Senior Vice President of Tabletop Products at AGS, added, “It is exciting to work with NexGen to place Fast Cash at Morongo Casino.

“By providing player convenience and ease of setup, we are confident that the demand for Fast Cash will increase as casinos look to add more cashless and contactless solutions. “

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