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Many young Indians choose to stay abroad after finding a job or finishing their studies there. However, a handful of people like Abhishek Surana return to serve their homeland. Originally from the Bhilwara district in Rajasthan, Surana completed her studies in electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, before joining Barclays Investment Bank in Singapore.

He also worked for the same bank for a year in London. After that, he found a mobile-based startup and started working for it in Chile. However, although he was “successful” in his twenties, he felt there was something missing in his life.

Got 10th on fourth attempt

Surana longed for the “organized chaos” of India. Therefore, upon his return, he began to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services, one of the toughest exams in the country. Surana managed to get 10th in the civil service exam with proper planning and hard work on his fourth attempt. He failed on the first two attempts and got 250th on his third attempt, which didn’t live up to his IAS dream. Therefore, undeterred by the challenge, he took the exam for the fourth time and achieved 10th place, ABPLive reported.

Choosing the civil service over a comfortable job was not a simple decision for Surana; however, he chose the uncomfortable path. Being the son of a physics teacher, Surana had a passion for the subject and chose the same for his main exam. He strongly believes that if people settle early in life, it harms their talent and the vast pool of opportunity.

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